Beacon Lodge 2020 Camp Sessions Cancelled

PA Lions Beacon Lodge Camp Cancellations

Please be advised that all 2020 Beacon Lodge Camp Sessions have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

A decision concerning PA Lions Appreciation Day (PLAD) scheduled for July 19 is currently being addressed with the possibility of postponing until Fall. 

The Fourth Annual Golf Tournament is still scheduled for August 29 and also the Picnic on August 23.

Beacon Lodge Camp will have a challenge funding continued operations of the Camp with severely limited income; however, decisions made are necessary in keeping campers, staff, and PA Lions/Lioness/Leos safe.

Although this is a huge bump in the road for Beacon Lodge, be assured PA Lions Beacon Lodge Camp will be back in full swing in 2021 better than ever!

Your understanding and assistance is appreciated.

Lion Steven de Kramer, President

PA Lions Beacon Lodge Camp Board of Directors

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